Mama Gimol 1978 60cm x 50 cm
Mama Gimol, Bettina's great-grandmother, was born in Gibraltar in 1874, married and raised her family in Tangiers, and died in Casablanca. The portrait was accepted by the Ben Uri Gallery & Museum in April 2016 to become part of its permanent collection




A number of Bettina’s paintings are on permanent display as part of collections in the public arena, including:


2016   Mama Gimol – Ben Uri Gallery, London


2012  Cheder – Akiva School, London

2010   British Jewry in the City and Leaving the Crown Court

Board of Deputies of British Jews


2009   Portrait of Rabbi Levy – S&P Congregation (Spanish and Portuguese Synagogues), London


2008  Jerusalem – Northwood Liberal Synagogue, London

2007 The Cure - L’Hôpital Général Juif, Montreal

2004  Portrait of Rabbi Toledano -  S&P Congregation (Spanish and Portuguese Synagogues), London

Bettina's works can also be found in private collections in the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Panama and China.


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